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Posted Dec 20, 2016

Benefits of Synthetic Grass

When asking what the benefits are to installing synthetic grass in your home or office, a better question to ask might be, “What isn’t a benefit?” Artificial grass is:


Muddy paws, pests and an unkempt yard are often among the top complaints from pet owners with a natural grass lawn. With artificial grass from Turf Masters, you’ll no longer have to worry about Fido becoming infected with ticks or tracking dirt and mud into your clean home. Plus, when paired with PE-51 Pet Urine Neutralizer, and Zeofill all natural turf infill your turf will be virtually odor-free.

Excellent for Water Conservation

According to Water Use It Wisely, the average Arizona household uses 300-400 gallons of water per day, with 70% of that total water usage occurring outdoors. For homeowners seeking ways to lower their consumption, synthetic grass is an excellent option, as it requires no regular watering. That’s an investment you can feel good about!

Free of Allergens and Pesticides

Allergies are a thing of the past with synthetic grass, which leave no trace of allergens. Additionally, there’s no need to apply harmful chemicals and pesticides, so you can feel safe letting kids and pets play on the lawn.


Gone are the days where you constantly have to re-sod and add fertilizer to your lawn. With artificial grass, all you need is a leaf blower and a garden hose to remove dust and debris.

A Smart Investment

If a high return on investment (ROI) is a top concern, it doesn’t get much better than artificial grass. Turf Master’s synthetic grass products possess a 10-15 Year life expectancy, with no need to re-seed or water daily, as with traditional grass. In fact, installing artificial grass in your home can save you an average of $17,000 over a 15-year period.

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